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Friday, May 6, 2022 - 7:30 pm 

“Beautiful, harmonious voices that brought me to tears,
their vocal blend is like I have never heard before ... WOW!”

Stephen Schwartz

Oscar, Golden Globe, Grammy, Tony Award Winner

Mary, Maggy and Marta are triplets from Nairobi, Kenya, and currently reside in
the U.S. They found early success in Kenya Music Festivals. At the age of 12,
were appointed Kenya’s first ever UNICEF Child Ambassadors. Through their
musical talents they championed girl child empowerment, education, and
alternative rites of passage.

“They have become as iconic as Kenya’s sportsmen and women
but for a different kind of muscle ... their vocal cords.”

Nation TV Kenya

Their program is as unique as their talents. They interpret some well-known
selections from the American Songbook and dazzle with their illuminating take
on Broadway, new and old. Throw in a dash of Duke Ellington and Benny
Goodman to swing, a flash of pop to provoke, and add a traditional Kenyan
children’s song to bring it all back home. The exceptional talents of these three
sisters blend these music genres to create an amazing, fulfilling, and
entertaining evening. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Music Direction
by Jeffrey Saver. Directed by Matthew Inge.

“The simple and economic truth is that Moipei sound sensational when they sing
- at times mind-blowing, others endearing, but always, always enjoyable. Their
enchantment, either as singers or as people, will bewitch all who see and hear them.”

Stephen Mosher – BroadwayWorld.com